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We help customers consume hospital pricing data, how and when they need it.

In November 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized a price transparency rule that requires hospitals to establish, update, and make public a list of standard charges for the items and services that they provide. While this regulation is a promising development for consumers and business, the lack of implementation guidelines makes pricing data produced by hospitals difficult to access and use.

We've have taken up the challenge to change that by building a team that specializes in finding, organizing and managing price transparency data so that the full benefit and value of the information can be realized.

Sourcing & Collection

Our dedicated sourcing team has developed the tools and expertise to monitor hospital websites, and efficiently collect pricing files on an ongoing and as needed basis

Analysis & Extraction

With our team's extensive examination of thousands of files, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in analying and extracting hospital pricing data

Customization & Delivery

Our solution specialists work closely with customers to craft tailored data products that meet specific business requirements by transforming sourced data into customer specific target schemas and by applying customer defined business rules

The Data

The data is complex, disjointed and messy.


Although hospitals are making progress in complying with the CMS regulation that mandates them to share their hospital chargemasters and negotiated rates for products and services, it is still difficult to comprehend and utilize data provided by healthcare providers through machine-readable files. Why is that?

  • It is time consuming & tedious to locate, download and organize pricing files from hospital websites
  • Data in contained in Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and even PDF files which requires an array of tools and capabilities to collect, analyze and extract data
  • File formats and data schemas are non-standard, making programmatic consumption difficult, especially at scale
  • Data, in many cases, needs to be interpreted and manipulated in order to extract usable information
  • The hospitals' compliance and completeness in providing pricing data vary. Some hospitals offer detailed and transparent information, while others provide less comprehensive and less transparent data

Without CMS prescribing specific instructions on file formats, data structures, and metrics for completeness, a detailed analysis and comprehension of individual hospital files is necessary to accurately interpret the pricing data being disclosed.


There are a number of aggregated offerings on the market that have attempted to standardize hospital pricing into a common format, with a common set of business rules for easier consumption. However, this comes with compromises, and we recognize that every business is different and that each project use case is unique. That's why our solution experts are ready to work with you to understand your requirements and structure a data product that is specifically designed to meet your needs.

If you are interested in learning how we can build a custom pricing data solution for you, reach out via email or fill out the contact us form below.


Assist in gaining insights into drug pricing trends across hospitals


Access hospital provided pricing data for medical equipment, devices and supplies.


Support studies linked to healthcare costs and pricing


Provide comparative hospital pricing data. Assist in managing your chargemaster and complying with regulations

Health Insurance

Cross check provider supplied negotiated pricing

Healthcare Consulting

Bring hospital pricing data competencies to your engagements where applicable


Support discovery efforts in healthcare pricing and billing related case work

Billing Inquiries

Provide pricing data in support of hospital billing inquiries

Data Aggregators

Help integrate hospital pricing data into your product offering.

Our Team

Our team brings a track record of delivering for customers based on sourcing, analyzing and processing thousands of hospital pricing files


Our team of specialists has been working with hospital price transparency data since early 2021. This experience allows us to bring the knowledge required to make an immediate impact to your organization.

As hospitals provide updates, which is required by regulation at least once a year, we can be your source to keep your pricing information up to date and integrated into your systems and processes.

If you would like to learn more about our team and how we can help, please reach out via email or fill out the contact us form below.

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